Pinewood Derby Rental

Pinewood Derby’s by Troop 404

Troop 404 has a complete “Pinewood Derby in a Box” program. Basically, we bring our track, accessories, and run the event for you. We have everything you need, except YOU and your cars! –  We typically run the event for Community Groups such as Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Awana, Venture Crews, and Girl Scouts. We have done this for corporations as a fun Holiday Party or Team Building event too. As a part of the service, we will come to your event and set up the track and run the race for you.

For pricing please contact the us using the form below. Let us know how many cars you wish to race. It’s LOTS of fun. Let our pack run the race for you while you enjoy the race. We currently do races in Pinellas, Polk, and Hillsborough County. Our team is based in Clearwater, Florida.

As you may know, we have been doing races for groups for just about 5 years now. Typically, each year we run 10 or so derby’s per year for Scouts and other groups. This isn’t our business, we are scouters and do this as a service to the scouting community. We try to “do our best” but sometimes issues arise, and we learn from them. Our goal is that you are 100% informed on what to expect during the derby. Also starting this year, if you refer us to another group and we do their derby, we will give you $25.00 Off your derby.

Your donation goes directly into the Troop’s general fund, this helps pay for upkeep and repairs to the track, software, maintenance, storage, etc. Some of your payment is directed to benefit the camping fund of the boys from our group who attend. Payment is due at the race. You can pay via Check or we can swipe a credit card via GoPayment. Payments should be made to “Boy Scout Troop 404”.

When it comes to the “rules” – It’s your race, we will do what you wish. We require the following.

• The car is wiped clean of extra graphite.
• The car is no more than 5 OZ’s,
• Your group respects the track, and does not jump over it or near it.
• Your group respects the race crew.
• The car fits in the go-no go box. This is to ensure it fits on the track. As long as they followed directions in box, you should be good.

This is the screen with the live results

• If a car falls off the track or crashes during the heat, we will re-run the heat 1 time, if it crashes again we will move on.
• If a car needs “repair” the race will stop, and a 5 min timer will be running to complete repairs.
• Your group will be respectful of each other – chanting is ok, and is encouraged.
• We will take pictures and videos of your race, and send it to you via youtube link.

The track is about 42’ long – (Actual specs from the actual track –  We will use blue tape or chairs and flags to give about a 2-3 foot barrier around the track. Our track is around 20 years old. The electronics and such have been upgraded over the years. The price that you have been given is for a 2 hour chunk of racing. Additional hours may have a cost of 50/hr. Like anything, issues arise, and we will be quick to respond. We have tools and extra equipment to make repairs as needed.

When It comes to running the race, we should have people from our Pack/Troop here to help. If you want to have your group help please let me know. The helpers are as follows. Often people want us to do it, so that it doesn’t show favoritism, and it’s a 3rd party you can blame later, hee hee.

Track Runner (Person who gets the cars each race and brings them to the table)
Car Placer (Person who places car on proper lane)
Master of Ceremony’s (Person who talks on the microphone) – If needed, I can fulfill this role
Race Master – (Person who runs the race software, typically a member of Pack/Troop 404)
Check-in Team – Should be people from YOUR GROUP. We can always be the deicing factor.

Check-In Team (Your Group)
We recommend that you DO NOT perform check-ins day of the race. This can take HOURS in some cases due to repairs, and you risk going over race limits. When you are doing your check-In’s you will find cars are out of spec, or underweight – typically by a lot. It’s always best to NOT do this on race day it delays the race start. You will not have the go-no go box, but you can keep a pinewood derby box handy. When you sit the car on a pinewood derby box, the wheels should just eek over the side of the box. The length should be the same, and as for height, we can go 2 boxes high for the box. When it comes to weight, this is up to you. Official rules say no more than 5 oz’s. Each group will provide their OWN scale. The check-in team marks off who is here, ensures the name is correct on the sheet. Once the car has been checked in, it should be considered in the impound and can no longer be touched.

Family Race
If you wish to run a family race, you need to let me know ahead of time. It takes time to set up races in software – having the names ahead of time saves 20-30 mins. (And a lot of stress for me) If you do not care about using the software to rank the family race, and you are ok with just knowing who wins the heat then there is no setup ahead of time. Most family races are less than 10 cars, it gets long when boys who just raced want to race again. So a family race under 10 or so cars will be free, anything beyond that may incur a cost.

Race Type
The type of race we use is called Perfect-N Mixed Race – We will run each Den together. Each car will go down each lane during the 1st heat. The schedule is totally controlled by the software. When the race is completed we will create a “Grand Finals Round” – From here you can advance a set numbers of cars from each den or overall (we recommend overall) – Typically Top 2 to 4 in each den or group.

Names of Racers
I don’t expect to get the car names before, but its really helpful if we can get a list of the First, Last, and Den Name 1 to 2 weeks in advance so that I can build out the roster for check-in. The numbers will be assigned by the software. It’s more of a race management thing.

Projector, Printer, and Screen
We will provide a projector, printer, and screen. We will need 3 Folding tables from your group. One for the computer, one for check-in, and one for the cars.


To get your team ready, here are some videos and pictures to check out. Feel free to share them with your group if you wish.

Pack 404  – Pinewood Derby in 2016 –
Time-lapse Video of us setting up the track –

 To learn more about us running your pinewood derby, please contact the Cubmaster above.